Using Generative AI for Consumer Sentiment Analysis: Qlay Technologies’ Founders

Published Date : Mar 08, 2024
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Using Generative AI for Consumer Sentiment Analysis- Qlay Technologies Founders

The sector of generative AI is both dynamic and transformative. At the front of this movement is Qlay Technologies, co-founded by Tokumasa Yamashita and Tomofumi Nakata. They have had phenomenal careers leading up to the creation of Qlay Technologies. Below, we’ll share more about the accomplishments of these two individuals and how Qlay helps businesses with consumer sentiment analysis.

Qlay Technologies

Tokumasa Yamashita: Technology and Finance

Tokumasa Yamashita is a master of interdisciplinary expertise and global perspective. Born in Cote d’Ivoire and raised in Zambia, Yamashita’s early exposure to diverse cultures helped set the stage for his future. After graduating from a high school in New Jersey, he pursued a degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

Tokumasa Yamashita

Yamashita’s career blends technology, finance, and entrepreneurship. To get into the startup world, he first joined a joint venture between a U.S. startup and a local startup in Uganda, which sought to make housing more accessible to locals through crowdfunding efforts. Though he faced many challenges, he took a special interest in how technology could be leveraged for societal good.

He eventually moved back to Japan for a position at Citigroup Global Markets, where he quickly found himself in a management role over a team of developers. To advance his skill set, Yamashita transitioned to PAG to learn more about private equity and real estate investment. This gave him his strong background in finance and helped set him up perfectly to take the role of CTO and CFO of Tamecco, an AI startup focusing on customer loyalty.

Later, Yamashita took a role at Deloitte, where he utilized his finance and business development skills to advise the Corporate Venture Capital division of large Japanese corporations. It included hands-on support for their startup investment, innovation and new business development activities. After leaving Deloitte in 2021, he founded Canaan Advisors. He provided technology consulting services to a leading Japanese steel tube manufacturer, built an international team of software developers from scratch and led their factory automation system development project.

Now, Yamashita is pursuing new success with Qlay Technologies, which seeks to use technology for a global impact.

Tomofumi Nakata: Creativity and Analytics

Tomofumi Nakata’s career development track is also fascinating and inspiring. Nakata was raised across several cultures, including Singapore, Tokyo and California. From these experiences, he developed a unique perspective that later shaped his approach to his business endeavors.

Tomofumi Nakata

He enrolled at Harvard, where he first pursued film production and then switched to statistics. Though completely different focuses, these pursuits show Nakata’s interests both creatively and quantitatively.

After graduation, Nakata landed a role at McKinsey and Company in Tokyo, where he worked on global marketing strategies, financial transformation, and sustainability projects. He then transitioned to the LA office, which helped him build skills in consumer sector consulting and global brand growth.

One of Nakata’s biggest accomplishments was his involvement in a project for a food company. He applied statistical modeling and machine learning to various behavioral analysis, showing his ability to integrate quantitative and qualitative insights. These skills helped him to grow into an excellent CEO of Qlay Technologies.

With Qlay, Nakata hopes to automate tasks to free team members to focus more on strategic and creative thinking. He believes that technology can improve lives, and freeing more time for people to do more creative projects is one of these opportunities. In the future, he hopes to launch new products under the brand to keep ahead of competitors.

Qlay Technologies: Revolutionizing Consumer Insight

Yamashita and Nakata, with their fascinating and successful backgrounds, have come together to form Qlay, an AI tool that transforms natural language data into actionable insights for consumer goods companies. By taking data from diverse sources and analyzing it, Qlay helps businesses better understand consumer sentiments with proven accuracy.

This is a much-needed tool in the business realm. Qualitative analysis tools aren’t always efficient, and traditional methods of gathering consumer data are time-consuming. Qlay uses AI to analyze businesses, taking less time and energy to get the necessary data for businesses to thrive in the modern age.

Their backgrounds in consulting, finance, and technology, plus their combined international experiences, have helped them set up Qlay Technologies as a leader in the AI world. Although it has been less than a year since they founded the company, Qlay Technologies has already contracted with a Fortune 100 company to automate their process of analyzing consumer sentiment and assessing the impact of their automotive marketing campaigns. With their interdisciplinary expertise, they’re set to drive innovation in the digital age.

Yamashita and Nakata have both shown profound resilience and innovation in their journeys. Their innovation has led Qlay toward ambitious goals, and the company is set to continue making a significant impact on businesses worldwide.

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